How to check the maximum number of session connected

For the last days, I want to know the maximum number of sessions on a database or for each node of my RAC.

The considered period is sysdate > AWR retention time

select a.instance_number, current_utilization, end_interval_time
from sys.wrh$_resource_limit a, sys.wrm$_snapshot b
where a.resource_name like ‘%sessions%’
and a.snap_id = b.snap_id
and a.instance_number = b.instance_number
and a.instance_number = 1
and b.begin_interval_time > sysdate – 30
order by current_utilization desc;


For the second node of a RAC change a.instance_number = 1 by a.instance_number=2.



AWR retention time:

extract( day from snap_interval) *24*60+
extract( hour from snap_interval) *60+
extract( minute from snap_interval ) “Snapshot Interval”,
extract( day from retention) *24*60+
extract( hour from retention) *60+
extract( minute from retention ) “Retention Interval”
from dba_hist_wr_control;

To change AWR retention time:

execute dbms_workload_repository.modify_snapshot_settings ( interval => 60,  retention => 100800);


Author: Vincent Fenoll Oracle DBA Montreal

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