ASMSNMP password change user/ reset Oracle 12c 18c

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How can I change the password of the Oracle user ASMSNMP?

Objective is authentication for accessing Oracle ASM Instances. For  example to register an ASM target in your Cloud Control 13c.

# Set variables for Unix
$ . oraenv
+ASM (or +ASM1 in RAC flexasm)

First Method  to change asmsnmp with sql*Plus

$ sqlplus / as sysasm
Alter user asmsnmp identified by my-password;

Second method useful for RAC

In a HA environment:

$ asmcmd
ASMCMD> orapwusr –modify –password asmsnmp
Enter password: my-password

For info, orapwusr can add, drop, or modify an Oracle ASM password file user (sysasm|sysdba|sysoper). pwget/pwset are other commands to set or locate the password file when it is stored on ASM.

Note: grant sysdba to asmsnmp;   — Before promoting the ASM target in the Cloud Control

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