How to resize /u01 on an ODA?

“Can you please add 50 G to/u01 for me?” Many Oracle DBAs or system Admins are nervous about making changes to their Linux systems specially on a ODA (Oracle Database Appliance). ⇒ As you will see it’s very easy! The default size of 99GB for /u01 may not be sufficient and must be increased to […]

listener.log too big

My listener.log file is growing and now it is very big; I have difficulties to open it. What can I do when the listener.log is growing? Indeed, if you delete the LISTENER.LOG, the file will be recreated only after stopping and starting the listener … I want to archive it without boucing the listener (online […]

RAC architecture concepts

Oracle Real Application clusters (RAC) allows multiple instances to access a single Oracle database. These instances often run on multiple nodes. The Component Diagram with explanation shows all the components that inter-relate to each other and together make up THE « Oracle RAC architecture« .   RAC is the principal component for the Oracle Grid Architecture. It’s […]

View Oracle hidden parameters

Hidden parameters in Oracle always start with an underscore. It is not possible for the DBA to see the hidden parameters with the SQL*Plus command « show parameter » or by querying v$parameter. Unless the hidden parameter is explicitly set in spfile/init.ora file. How Can I list all Hidden Parameters set in The database? As they are […]