Lock, expire and delete Linux account

Sometimes the Oracle DBA has to I delete a Unix user account under Linux operating systems including the home directory. How do I expire, delete or remove a user’s access from my server? Deleting user account in Linux is an administrative task to remove user login credentials from system configuration files such as /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow […]


Download Brave : Secure, Fast & Private Browser with Adblocker This post provides help troubleshooting a standby database (dataguard). This article covers the following problems: Troubleshooting Log transport services Troubleshooting Redo Apply services Troubleshooting SQL Apply services Common Problems Log File Destination Failures Handling Logical Standby Database Failures Problems Switching Over to a Standby Database […]

Found 1 new persistent data failures – Cloud Control Event/error

Enterprise Manager / Cloud Control 13c raised this event: EM Event: Critical:my-db.oracle-scripts.net – Checker run found 1 new persistent data failures.   By default the database runs the Health Check periodically to find: File corruptions, Physical and logical block corruptions, Undo or redo corruptions, data dictionary corruptions If any failures are detected then a message […]