Take Control: True Private Internet Browsing‎ with Brave Download the Brave Browser ⇒ It’s a safer and faster alternative than Chrome   This post provides help troubleshooting a standby database (dataguard). This article covers the following problems: Troubleshooting Log transport services Troubleshooting Redo Apply services Troubleshooting SQL Apply services Common Problems Log File Destination Failures Handling […]

Activation of dgbroker in a Oracle 12c r2 RAC

Activation of dgbroker in a Oracle 12.2 configuration – Primary RAC 2 nodes: servers: PRIMARY-HOST-NODE1 and PRIMARY-HOST-NODE2 database: PRIMARY-DB-UNIQ-NAME1 and PRIMARY-DB-UNIQ-NAME2 – Standby: RAC 1 node server: STANDBY-HOST-NODE1 database: STANDBY-DB-UNIQ-NAME1 (here SID has the same name as primary) Pre-requisites for the dgbroker configuration Network configuration Prepare a dedicated local listener on each node All Data […]