Basic Multitenant CDB / PDB Operations

Here is a FAQ on Multitenant basic CDB / PDB Operations.   How do I know if my database is Multitenant or not? select NAME, DECODE(CDB, ‘YES’, ‘Multitenant Option enabled’, ‘Regular 12c Database: ‘) « Multitenant Option ? » , OPEN_MODE, CON_ID from V$DATABASE;   What Pluggable databases do I have in this container database? select CON_ID, […]

Create a pluggable database

  How to create a pluggable database? One of my clients in Montreal wants to create an empty pluggable database in a multitenant Oracle database. How can I do that? In this example, I will not use the plug/unplug/clone features. tnsnames.ora: # PDB: MY-PDB-NAME = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = […]