Logminer utility

Sometimes we need to see redo information about executed sql in the database.In order to do this, Oracle offers the Logminer utility. This native tool analyzes the content of redo and archived redologs. Note: If it’s configured and it’s not too late, it’s easier to use Flashback query. Here is a simple example to use […]

How to kill a running job (scheduled job) ?

Take Control: Private Internet Browsing‎ with Brave Download here the Brave Browser, a safer and faster Chrome alternative Killing Oracle Scheduling Sessions when: — Find the job select * from dba_scheduler_running_jobs; — Kill the job: exec DBMS_SCHEDULER.STOP_JOB(job_name => ‘owner.job_name’,force => TRUE); — It can take some minutes select * from dba_scheduler_running_jobs;

ADRCI, How to create a package?

The goal is to upload a generated zip file from Montreal to the My Oracle Support website. This package will includes all the trace files, instance alert file and other diagnostic information for the critical error . It is called a IPS package (Incident Packaging Services). $adrci adrci> show home if you have multiple ORACLE_HOME: adrci> […]

Kill Session Oracle

The Oracle DBA wants to kill a session that is consuming abnormally too many resources. alter system kill session SID, SERIAL# [MyRACInstance]’ [immediate]; SID, SERIAL# are provided by gV$SESSION select Sid, Serial#, machine, program, inst_id from gv$session The third and optional parameter is for RAC environment You can also kill the process directly with the […]