Found 1 new persistent data failures – Cloud Control Event/error

Enterprise Manager / Cloud Control 13c raised this event:

EM Event: – Checker run found 1 new persistent data failures.


By default the database runs the Health Check periodically to find:

  • File corruptions,
  • Physical and logical block corruptions,
  • Undo or redo corruptions,
  • data dictionary corruptions

If any failures are detected then a message is logged to the alert log.and Enterprise Manager can raise it.

To identify this failures you can follow these steps:

1- Check the list of health checks executed:

SQL> select run_id,name,check_name,start_time,end_time,status from v$hm_run;

148741 HM_RUN_148741 DB Structure Integrity Check



2- Get the report of that health check and find the failure:

SET LONG 100000 lines 256 LONGCHUNKSIZE 1000 PAGESIZE 1000

With ‘HM_RUN_148741’ is a value from the column « Name » retrieved in the first query.

Basic Run Information
Run Name : HM_RUN_148741
Run Id : 148741
Check Name : DB Structure Integrity Check
Start Time : 2019-02-07 06:54:41.409009 -05:00
End Time : 2019-02-07 06:54:41.551557 -05:00
Error Encountered : 0
Source Incident Id : 0
Number of Incidents Created : 0

Input Paramters for the Run
Run Findings And Recommendations
Finding Name : Control File needs recovery
Finding ID : 148742
Status : OPEN
Priority : CRITICAL
Message : Control file needs media recovery
Message : Database cannot be opened

Have a nice day!

Vincent Fenoll – Oracle DBA Montreal
Compatible: Oracle 18c, 12c, 11.1