How to Enable or Disable the FRA?

Using a flash recovery area simplifies the ongoing administration of your database by automatically naming recovery-related files, retaining them as long as they are needed for restore and recovery activities, and deleting them when they are no longer needed to restore your database and space is needed for some other backup and recovery-related purpose.

How to enable the Flash Recovery Area?

To enable FRA for the database:


ALTER SYSTEM SET db_recovery_file_dest=’my path’ (or ‘+FRA’ if ASM is used and FRA is your diskgroup)
ALTER SYSTEM SET db_recovery_file_dest_size=500G;

You can also set db_flashback_retention_target, default is 1440min or 1 day

To verify if FlashBack is enabled:
SELECT flashback_on, log_mode FROM v$database;


How to disable the Flash Recovery Area?


To verify if FlashBack is disabled:
SELECT flashback_on, log_mode FROM v$database;


What files can be found in the Flash (Fast) Recovery Area:

Transient Files:
RMAN backups
archived redo logs
flashback logs

Permanent Files:
online redo log copies
control file
Guaranteed Restore Points


Flashback must be ON to put your database in ARCHIVELOG mode.

Author: Vincent Fenoll

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