PeopleTools tutorial overview

PeopleTools is proprietary software development environment that is used to develop and manage PeopleSoft applications. PeopleTools consist of Application Designer, Application Engine, Data Mover and various other development tools.

PeopleSoft Application Designer

Application Designer is used to create and customize PeopleSoft applications. It can be invoked from PeopleSoft File server using utility pside.exe. Developers use application designer to develop, customize and maintain PS application. They can create fields, records, pages, components & other PS objects and insert these objects in a PeopleSoft project which can be migrated to other PS environments.

As a PeopleSoft Administrator, you can use application designer for the following:

  • During installation of PeopleSoft database
  • Compare PS objects between different databases using PS projects
  • Copy projects from one database to another
  • Take export of PeopleSoft projects
  • During upgrade to set upgrade flags
  • Administer Change control locking
  • Generate and execute scripts for record build
  • Change access id password


Data Mover

Data mover as the name suggest is the tool that is used to migrate data between PeopleSoft databases. You can export tables from one PeopleSoft database and then import those into another PeopleSoft database. Data mover can be invoked using psdmt.exe utility.

As a PeopleSoft Administration, you can use Data Mover for the following:

  • Migrate data between PeopleSoft databases
  • Run DMS to update/delete/insert data in PeopleSoft tables
  • Change password for PeopleSoft users
  • Change access ID password
  • Encrypt user passwords
  • During installation of PeopleSoft database
  • During PeopleSoft upgrades
  • During PeopleSoft refreshes


Configuration Manager

PeopleSoft configuration manager utility is used to set the configuration for PeopleTools client machines which are used to access PeopleTools such as Application Designer, Data Mover. PS configuration manager can be invoked using pscfg.exe.

As a PeopleSoft Admin, you will use configuration manager for the following:

  • During installation of PeopleSoft database
  • Setup PeopleTools client on developer’s machine
  • During PeopleSoft upgrades
  • Setup configuration for crystals, SQRs
  • Setup parameters required to connect to PeopleSoft database in 2-tier and 3-tier mode


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